By Michael Seres, CEO

I have just spent the day at Connected Health in Boston listening to how the future of healthcare is all about connect care. I have heard from designers, from venture capital firms, from social media and wearables experts all explaining what their role is in the future and how healthcare is changing. It has been truly fascinating and stimulating for the majority of time interspersed with the occasional piece of nonsense that every conference has.

Vinod Kholsa stole the show for me today with his interview. He was the first person to talk about the role of patients as early adopters and as change agents. He said how he gets incredibly excited by people who can display enormous passion for changing the healthcare landscape. He identified patients as equal partners in this new connected healthcare world. Listening to him it dawned on me that no one else to that point had highlighted the role of the patient as an innovator. I had sat through a great venture capital panel where they had identified a bias towards investing in people from within the healthcare family. Healthcare Professionals and C Suite Management is whom they meant. No mention of patients.

Tomorrow I have the privilege of sharing the stage with three amazing patients in a panel chaired by Dr Danny Sands someone I am really keen to finally meet in person. http://symposium.connected-health.org/agenda/panel-patient-activists-problem-solvers We will talk about patients who have developed solutions. It ties in perfectly with the role I have taken on as Entrepreneur In Residence for Stanford’s Medicine X programme. Within that residency I am focusing on patients as entrepreneurs. We are starting to put together a really exciting module to assist any patient who wants to create something from his or her own experience. More will follow over the next few weeks.

As a pre cursor to that I am delighted to be launching the new hashtag #PTEntpr. This has been validated by Symplur and will now feature across everything that Ipost about patients as innovators. It does not matter how big or small the idea I hope to try and build a community of patients who are changing the healthcare landscape. So please share your ideas with me, share your stories and don’t forget the hashtag #PTEntpr.

“Healthcare is about human to human interactions.” That was my most retweeted comment at the recent brilliant Stanford Medicine X conference I attended. For me it epitomises everything about my own healthcare journey and the journey of my company 11 Health. The ability to build and maintain a relationship with my medical team under pins every single bit of treatment i go through and every decision I make.

I left for Stanford with a bad cough that didn’t improve on my trip so when i came back I went straight back to my team and had my usual bloods and a chest x-ray done. Thankfully the x-ray was fine and the bloods led to my usual round of intravenous infusions. It was during an iron infusion that I learnt something that has really knocked me for six. I have always believed that having an honest and open relationship with those who treat me is fundamental to my on going recovery. We band around the term ePatients. For me though it is just about being engaged in all that goes on in my health. Let me explain….

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Slide of the speakers. To watch the replay, click the video below. Yesterday super-e-patients Regina Holliday, Michael Seres and I spoke on a webcast titled “End-to-End Patient Engagement that Drives Loyalty and Outcomes,” hosted by Liz Boehm of Vocera.com’s @EINHealth Experience Innovation Network. Frankly, we autonomous e-patients didn’t talk […]

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