Hi I’m Nathan and am working at 11 Health and Technologies on the social media and marketing side of the business. Our CEO Michael Seres told me two days before the meeting that I was going up to Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator presentations. It was my first proper meeting without the CEO being there, I was quite overwhelmed yet excited. Prior to this I had worked with the company at the Wound Ostomy Continence Meeting held in the beautiful city of Montreal this past June.charles-4
I met Charles Spicer, our Chairman, at Westminster station and we walked to St Thomas’ while chatting about general life and each of our responsibilities at 11 Health.
We were the first at the meeting so other companies starting congregating around us. Charles and I had multiple conversations mainly about our ostom-i™ Alert Sensor, explaining the benefit around it reducing readmissions and preventing dehydration.

We started to set up the pop-up banner and place teddy bears, pens and leaflets on the stand we were given. Charles walked around to get an idea of the different companies and where we stood in comparison. Once all the doctors and nurses started congregating in the meeting room where we were placed both Charles are I started explaining how our device works. I was mainly speaking about how it is used and the benefits of the device, however more people were interested in the fact I am Michael’s son and therefore wanted to hear about his story and the idea that 11 Health is a patient lead company.
We both managed to network and Charles made some very interesting contacts to help in the future.
Overall I would say the meeting was very useful. I believe if the meeting was longer more people would have been interested in the company as a whole and we would have had a more detailed chance to chat but it was a great first meeting for me at 11 Health.

11 Health is Proud to Launch in India

Introduces the Ostom-i™ Alert and Hospital App to Apollo Hospital

11 Health has successfully initiated an approved clinical trial at the Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India, by using our dedicated hospital app and connected sensor device the Ostom-i™ Alert on patients who have had stoma surgery. This landmark clinical feasibility trial has created many ‘firsts’ of its kind in India. Firstly, by introducing hi-tech wearable computing to help doctors get vital information about their patients’ remotely via Bluetooth® technology.

Secondly, by enabling a hospital system to adopt technology that prevents cross-infection, by creating a remote access to patient data, thus eliminating the need for a ’human’ interface.

Following the successful trial the device will shortly be available to all hospitals and patients. Check out our website for the latest updates over the coming week.

Dr. Anil Vaidya, along with Dr. Anand Ramamurthy were the chief investigators on this trial. Dr. Vaidya had the following comment to make,”wearable computing is the order of the day, and this product does what the box says. It makes life for patient’s with a stoma not only manageable, but introduces a level of self-confidence in them. The Apollo Hospitals have always been the forerunners in application of newer technology and was pleased to be able to run the trial there.”

11 Health is A CONNECTED MEDICAL DEVICE COMPANY. Connected in the sense that all of our patented devices are wireless, Bluetooth enabled and send secure real-time data to most mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and watches. Data can be stored locally or in the cloud and then shared with the clinicians and nurses that look after you. We create an elegant and seamless experience between the hardware and the proprietary apps designed by patients, physicians and nurses in cooperation with our engineering teams.

11 Health was delighted to attend and exhibit at the UOAA National Conference is St Louis, Missouri. Starting on Tuesday 1st Sept the conference is the largest gathering of ostomy patients as single event anywhere with over 300 ostomates plus their partners attending. The conference was a mix of interesting workshops and key note talks coupled with an exhibition. Michael gave a key note presentation at a Leadership Academy workshop about how to engage on social media and 11Health was unveiled as a key sponsor for the UOAA 5K charity fun runs.

Company Founder Michael Seres and Vice President of Sales Matthew Wilder were sponsors at this years event in St. Louis Missouri.

UOAA’s Fifth National Conference offered a variety of resources to everyone within the ostomy community. Our Conference featured great education, wonderful guest speakers, and most importantly—community amongst other people who have had or who may have ostomy or continent diversion surgery. All were welcome to participate in this amazing event—people who are currently living with an ostomy, those who may be having surgery in the near future, as well as family members, spouses, friends, and members of the medical community. Attendees received the answers they needed to adjust comfortably and to reach their ultimate goal of a “new normal” life.