We are delighted to announce that Anil Vaidya, Consultant Transplant Surgeon at The Churchill Hospital, Oxford, UK has joined the team at 11Health. Anil was the surgeon who performed the transplant on Michael and has been instrumental in his ongoing care.

Anil was also there right from the very beginning when Michael came up with the idea whilst in hospital post-transplant. His appointment completes as very unique team at 11 health whereby patient, surgeon and pharmacist have come together to develop this unique product the Ostom-I Alert. No one knows the potential of the device better than Anil who has seen its development from initial proto type through to finished article.

Anil will also use his industry knowledge and expertise to advise the company of potential areas of opportunity and growth. As an ostomy becomes a more common surgery for many types of bowel conditions Anil’s input will be invaluable.

Of his appointment Anil commented “I am extremely delighted to part of this unique and ground breaking product. As a surgeon you hope that you can improve the quality of life for the patients you treat and the Ostom-i Alert does that and so much more”

Anil is an ASTS (American Society of Transplant Surgery) certified transplant surgeon.
He completed his transplant surgery training at the Miami Transplant Institute, University of Miami School Of Medicine in 2003. He has been a consultant transplant surgeon at Oxford for 9 years. His main focus is on developing intestinal transplantation and a composite tissue allograft (CTA) transplant centre including abdominal wall transplantation in Oxford.

He is also involved in providing a national kidney auto-transplant and sarcoma service. Apart from clinical kidney, pancreas and intestinal transplantation, my areas of translational research interest include developing novel strategies for improved graft surveillance and survival.
For more details just contact us as info@11health.com