For 11 Health, our community members are very important.  Today we are sharing Joshua’s experience being an ostomy patient and how he has been dealing with the important relationship between food and sleep.  We encourage you to read his story and identify how he has been working very hard on his own habits and understanding the way his body works and how this has an impact in his lifestyle.

Sleeping as a Patient with an Ostomy

Being a patient with an Ostomy for the last 5 years has been rewarding and at times difficult.  When I first got my Ostomy, there was no education on how to best sleep while having a bag attached to your body.

The surgeon, or nurse while in the hospital provided no education about how best to sleep at night.  At first when the Dr. gave me the green light to eat, portion amounts didn’t really exist, because I was so happy to be pain free and to be able to eat whatever I wanted again things like salads, and popcorn.

However as one would assume if you eat a lot of food in a short period of time, that all must come out via the bag.   A lot of learning on my own took place to sleep well at night.  I have learned over time that I can eat three well balanced meals a day and include snacks. What has worked for me is not so much what I eat but the timing or spacing out of my meals during a day.  For example, I usually try to eat dinner by 6 pm., that way if I go to bed by 10 or 11 pm, most of what I ate for dinner would be ready to empty out of the bag.  This would allow me to have a good night’s sleep without having to get up to use the bathroom.   I basically learned overtime that anything I eat is usually out of my body within 4-5 hours.

Through my experience, it was very important not to have a big meal right before going to sleep, otherwise I would risk not waking up possibly causing what ostomies call a blowout.  As the time has gone on I become more aware of how my body digests food, thus allowing me to plan to sleep at night. After too many mornings of waking up in a mess because of a bag leak, I quickly said this has got to come to an end.

As the time has gone on I become more aware of how my body digests food, thus allowing me to plan to sleep at night.

Eating a large meal right before bed and being tired is a bad combination. One of two things would happen to me.  Either I would have a bag leak in the middle of the night or I would have to stay up longer than I wanted so my food would digest.

Through my experience planning my meals is key not so much what I eat.  I hope through sharing my experience I can help others as well overcoming the fear of getting a good night’s sleep.

  • – Josh.


Sleeping habits really matters, the way you sleep affects your complete system and that’s the reason why the experts do a lot of research and had identified beneficial habits.

Technology companies as 11 Health and Organizations as the National Sleep Foundation are working on helping patients to improve their sleep, we know the huge impact on the daily life and when you are talking about Ostomy patients we know how important is to have the chance going to sleep and have a good night.

At 11 Health we know the challenges of being an Ostomy patients, let us help you with our technology and support.  We are hand by hand with you! Look for our solutions, we’ll be always working on developing the right ones for you!