Joe Teeters and Danielle Gulden

Danielle Gulden & Joe Teeters – aka “Double Baggin” It’ Bio

Danielle and Joe are both IBD warriors and permanent ileostomates. They’re comedians, speakers, advocates…and two best friends without buttholes!

Danielle has had ulcerative colitis for over 25 years. After going through just about every IBD medication available, going to the bathroom 20-25 times per day, and having a toilet installed in her car (wait…what?! TRUE STORY!), …she finally kicked her diseased colon to the curb in 2007. After high-fiving every nurse, doctor and surgeon on the way to the operating room, she had a full proctocolectomy with end ileostomy. Her ostomy (and her stoma named Stella) saved her life, changed her life (for the best) and gave her back her life!

Joe has been living with Crohn’s Disease as well for over 25 years. Like Danielle, he has run the gamut of medical treatments and medications. He has had a total of 3 intestinal surgeries, 2 resections, and the last surgery, in 2012, was a total proctocolectomy with end ileostomy. His last surgery landed him a spot, alongside Danielle, in the “Barbie Butt” Club! What’s that you ask? Two cheeks, no hole, that butt is just for show! Due to Joe’s extensive surgeries, he has lost all but approximately 5 feet of his small intestine and has Short Bowel Syndrome.

When Joe and Danielle met through an ostomy support group, they realized not that they had a similar health journey, but they also shared the same sense of humor and positive outlook on life. Soon after they met, ‘Double Baggin’ It’ was born! ‘Double Baggin’ It’ is their vehicle to spread awareness and advocate for patients living with inflammatory bowel diseases and ostomies.

Danielle and Joe are delighted to be Patient Champions on the 11 Health team! They are excited to use their humor, wisdom and stories to connect with and support other people living with ostomies.

Joe and Danielle - Patient Champions