Many 11 Health community members are prescribed treatment through a PICC or port so that therapies can readily reach the blood stream. Today we wanted to share the story of our friends at Care+Wear, an innovative healthwear company that makes PICC Line Covers and Chest Access Shirts to help create positive and effective healing experiences for patients everywhere. Check out Care+Wear’s story, as told by CEO and Co-Founder Chat Razdan, as well the company’s advice around things to keep in mind when you first receive a PICC Line.

Care and Wear - Julie-018

Our Story:

 In 2014, a close friend of me and my co-founder was diagnosed with cancer and prescribed a PICC line for treatment. Told to wear a tube sock to protect and cover the PICC line site, our friend found that this bulky, ugly sock not only made his taxing treatment even more uncomfortable, but it also served as a constant reminder of his illness. As we saw his struggle with getting dressed and going about his daily life, we decided to create something new and better that would help patients with PICC lines live comfortably, safely and stylishly.

We quickly realized that most healthwear products on the market are focused purely on function and not on how they look or make you feel. By focusing our designs and products on patient needs, we hope we can help patients feel comfortable as they go about their everyday lives.

To address this, we worked in partnership with leading hospitals, patients, designers and clinicians to create our first product: an ultra-soft, antimicrobial, breathable and machine washable PICC Line Cover. It was very important to us to make something that was fashionable and convenient for clinicians, patients and caregivers alike. Our PICC line covers help eliminate some of the challenges of having a PICC line by making it easier to securely cover the PICC with soft, antimicrobial fabric, while allowing for breathability and visibility for your PICC line and dressing through our proprietary mesh window (patent pending). Our Covers are available in a variety of colors and designs, including a number of baseball team logos so that you can support your favorite teams while you receive treatment. By providing these key features, our hope is that our Cover, along with our other products, can help provide positive and effective healing experiences for patients everywhere.


About PICC Lines:

If you’ve recently been prescribed a PICC Line, adjusting can be difficult at first, but in the long-term it should help ease your treatment process. PICC Lines can provide multiple benefits such as:

  • Additional comfort for your veins as compared with the multiple “needle sticks” needed for giving medications and drawing blood
  • Sparing your veins and blood vessels from the irritating effects of IV medications
  • Flexibility to administer medication in the hospital setting, nursing facility or at home
  • Ability to stay in place for weeks, months, or years, if needed


Oftentimes, we are asked, “What should I be aware of with my PICC Line?” We always recommend speaking with your clinical team. That being said, once you have a PICC Line placed, do, however, be sure to look out for the following cautionary signs:

  • Swelling, redness, red streaking, hot or hard area in PICC line arm
  • Pain in PICC line arm
  • Fever or chills
  • Swelling of the hand, arm and/ or neck on the same side as the PICC line
  • Leaking of fluid when you flush the catheter

If you notice these signs or if you are worried or concerned, please make sure to call your healthcare provider or PICC line care provider.


Improving patient live:

Our vision is to be a key provider of innovative healthwear for patients. We are constantly working on new products so that we can help improve the lives of patients around the world. If you have any product ideas for us, you can email us at – we’d love to hear from you!



In our continuing series of patient stories, we would like to introduce you to Joshua L, diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 23.

Dear 11 health
My name is Joshua L. and Crohn’s Disease has welcomed me with open arms.

Here is my story. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 23. I can remember the moment. I went to use the restroom and I was in pain like nothing I had ever felt before. The countless colonoscopies, 14 different medications tried, blood work nothing could get my symptoms under control. I can remember the utter panic of simply having to know where a restroom was no matter where I was and wondering whether I would make it in time. I thought this was how simply life was going to be and I had come to terms with that.

Now, 15 years later I began multiple surgeries in hopes of having a better quality of life. From 2011-2014 I’ve had my colon, rectum and rectal stump removed and have an ileostomy. During the last surgery when I was having my rectal stump removed I developed an infection at the surgical site. After the infection was cleaned out I had to heal naturally from the inside out. This left an 8 cm deep wound that had to be packed daily by a home health care nurse in order to heal.

A lot of life changing moments of weighing 100 lbs to now a healthy weight of 195 lbs. From the days of being moved to a rehabilitation center for three months after the colon and rectum were removed because I was too weak to go home. To the bouts of dehydration when learning to care for the stoma with hospital stays. Through all of this now my quality of is 1000x improved! Currently, no medication is taken and I can eat whatever I want.

I have a passion to help others who are going through similar experiences that I have gone through. I want to make a difference in other people’s lives. We need to erase the stigma and shame surrounding sometimes how people with ostomies feel. It’s ok to have one after all it saved my life!

Joshua L

Hi I’m Nathan and am working at 11 Health and Technologies on the social media and marketing side of the business. Our CEO Michael Seres told me two days before the meeting that I was going up to Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust for the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator presentations. It was my first proper meeting without the CEO being there, I was quite overwhelmed yet excited. Prior to this I had worked with the company at the Wound Ostomy Continence Meeting held in the beautiful city of Montreal this past June.charles-4
I met Charles Spicer, our Chairman, at Westminster station and we walked to St Thomas’ while chatting about general life and each of our responsibilities at 11 Health.
We were the first at the meeting so other companies starting congregating around us. Charles and I had multiple conversations mainly about our ostom-i™ Alert Sensor, explaining the benefit around it reducing readmissions and preventing dehydration.

We started to set up the pop-up banner and place teddy bears, pens and leaflets on the stand we were given. Charles walked around to get an idea of the different companies and where we stood in comparison. Once all the doctors and nurses started congregating in the meeting room where we were placed both Charles are I started explaining how our device works. I was mainly speaking about how it is used and the benefits of the device, however more people were interested in the fact I am Michael’s son and therefore wanted to hear about his story and the idea that 11 Health is a patient lead company.
We both managed to network and Charles made some very interesting contacts to help in the future.
Overall I would say the meeting was very useful. I believe if the meeting was longer more people would have been interested in the company as a whole and we would have had a more detailed chance to chat but it was a great first meeting for me at 11 Health.