Alani Perdomo

Hello, my name is Alani Perdomo and I’m a Patient Champion with 11 Heath.

I came across the Patient Champion program while watching one of Maggie Baldwin’s YouTube videos. I’d been watching all the content on her channel (Let’sTalkIBD) while in the hospital losing a battle with Ulcerative Colitis and preparing for my full colectomy.

I remember feeling so much more at ease with the decision to remove my colon after watching her videos on a variety of topics that relate directly to being an ostomate. So, when she mentioned that she was working with a technology company that was trying to revolutionize the way those of us with ostomies live our daily lives and said company was looking for ostomates to help them be of service and support to others in need, I knew I had to hop onboard.

Maggie had always been so honest and forthcoming in all of her videos, so I felt confident in the fact that she trusted and enjoyed working with 11/Health. I sent her an e-mail expressing my interest in the Patient Champion program and the rest is history! I’m looking forward to being of service as an 11/Health Patient Champion because being of service has always been something that has helped me connect with others on a deeper level and I firmly believe the ostomate community needs more unity.

I lead a pretty uneventful life. I’m totally a homebody and enjoy binge-watching Netflix original series. I’ve recently relocated to Huntsville, AL from Brooklyn, NY and I’ve been enjoying the change in pace. The one constant in my life has been my love for eating right and heading to the gym and now that I have my ostomy, I’ve been slowly but surely getting back into a routine and it’s been the been the single most important aspect of what I consider self-care. I’m excited to share my journey back to health with anyone who is reading my blog posts and watching my vlogs.

Alani Perdomo - Patient Champion