About Us

Our Senior Patient Engagement Officer and Psychologist are teaming up with ostomy patients, caregivers, and medical professionals in the effort to create a community dedicated to:

  • Generating ideas
  • Sharing personal experience
  • Conquering trials
  • Achieving triumphs

Our Focus Groups are committed to finding real solutions and our dedication applies to patient needs both in and outside of the hospital. By joining together, we are aiming to better the experience for both the patient and healthcare provider to improve lifestyle for all ostomates.

Club 11 Health adopts the core values of our company:

  • Create more innovative and creative solutions while co-designing with our patients and stakeholders
  • Be human-centered as well as patient-centered
  • Promote co-design with patients and health care stakeholders
  • Value each person’s knowledge, experience and skills

By participating in our Focus Groups you are supporting our mission to strive to create and design personalised interventions for improving quality of life for patients using medical bags.